DHI Hair Transplant has become one of the most extensively investigated and popular transplantation treatments among those who are seeking transplanted hair today.

Are you in search of a revolutionary alternative to traditional hair transplantation methods? If you desire a fresh and innovative approach to restore your hair, then Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) might be the ideal solution for you. At Turkey Hair Center, we specialize in delivering top-notch DHI Hair Transplant procedures in Turkey, ensuring our clients receive the best possible results.

Embark on your hair restoration journey with confidence at Turkey Hair Center, where innovation meets expertise. Experience the transformative power of DHI Hair Transplantation, and let us help you regain the confidence that comes with a full, natural-looking head of hair. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step toward a revitalized and refreshed appearance

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DHI Hair Transplantation: Give Life to Your Hair 

If you are looking for an experience beyond traditional hair transplantation methods, DHI Hair Transplantation may be the perfect option for you. If you want to cope with the anxiety of losing your hair and achieve natural-looking, permanent results, the DHI method can offer you a new hair journey.

DHI is the abbreviation of the word “Direct Hair Implantation” and this method is based on the principle of removing hair follicles one by one and transplanting them directly to the target area. This innovative approach offers a minimally invasive process, speeding up the healing process and leaving less scarring.

This unique technique uses a special pencil to create a natural and symmetrical hairline. Each strand of hair is placed carefully so that the results are natural and aesthetic. In addition, DHI Hair Transplantation does not cause compatibility problems since it is performed using the patient’s own hair follicles.

Hair transplantation with DHI not only offers a comfortable experience, but also provides a personalized aesthetic approach. Rediscover yourself with this innovative method that preserves its originality and naturalness while adding vitality to your hair. As Turkey Hair Center, we are proud to offer you the best service with our expert team in DHI Hair Transplantation. Experience the transformation in your hair and shine with confidence!

Differences Between DHI Hair Transplantation and Other Types of Hair Transplantation 

  • Direct Sowing Principle: DHI, as the name suggests, is based on the principle of removing hair follicles one by one and transplanting them directly to the target area. While other methods usually transplant after the hair channels are opened, DHI transplants the hair follicles directly.
  • Minimally Invasive Process: DHI adopts a minimally invasive process. In traditional methods, instead of cutting channels to open hair channels, hair transplantation is performed using a special pen. This speeds up the healing process and leaves less scarring.
  • More Natural Hairlines: DHI allows you to achieve more natural and symmetrical results by using a special pencil when creating the hairline. A natural look is achieved by placing each hair strand carefully.
  • No Compatibility Issues: The hair used in DHI is the patient’s own hair follicles. Therefore, there is no compatibility problem and the results have a natural appearance.
  • Comfortable and Fast Recovery: DHI offers patients a more comfortable experience thanks to its minimally invasive structure. The healing process is faster and usually results in less pain and swelling.

Is DHI hair transplantation safe? 

DHI Hair Transplantation is considered a safe and effective hair treatment method. This method has a number of advantages and unique qualities, especially in terms of security. Here are some important elements that ensure the safety of DHI Hair Transplantation:

Minimally Invasive Approach: DHI is a minimally invasive procedure. Unlike traditional hair transplantation methods, there is no need to open hair channels. In this way, tissue damage is minimized, the healing process is accelerated and the patient feels less discomfort.

Direct Transplantation Principle: DHI is based on the principle of taking hair follicles one by one and performing direct transplantation. This method allows hair follicles to be placed more accurately, which helps in achieving natural and aesthetic results.

Personalized Planning: DHI Hair Transplantation is planned specifically for each patient’s hair structure, hairline and aesthetic preferences. This personalized planning helps the patient maintain their natural appearance and achieve their desired results.

Performance in a Sterile Environment: DHI Hair Transplantation is performed in a sterile environment. The risk of infection is minimized by fully complying with hygiene standards during hair transplantation.

Expert and Experienced Team: An expert and experienced team is of great importance in order to perform DHI Hair Transplantation safely. At this point, Turkey Hair Center expertise is an indisputable fact.

As a result, DHI Hair Transplantation offers a reliable hair treatment option with its advantages and risk-free nature. As Turkey Hair Center, we are proud to offer a safe and effective hair treatment to our patients with our expert team in DHI Hair Transplantation.

How is DHI Hair Transplant Performed? 

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is a modern hair treatment technique that offers a different approach from traditional hair transplantation methods. Here are the steps on how DHI Hair Transplant is performed:

Step Description
Determining the Hairline Before starting the DHI Hair Transplantation procedure, the hairline is determined considering the patient’s preferences and natural hair structure. This step is crucial for achieving natural and aesthetic results.
Harvesting Hair Follicles In DHI, individual hair follicles are harvested one by one using a special tool called the Choi Implanter Pen. This pen not only extracts the hair follicles but also allows for direct implantation.
Channel Opening Process Unlike traditional methods, there is no separate channel opening process since the hair follicles are directly harvested. This makes the procedure more minimally invasive and faster.
Direct Implantation Using the Choi Implanter Pen, hair follicles are directly implanted into the target area. This method ensures the natural placement of hair and facilitates achieving aesthetic results.
Fast Healing and Minimal Pain DHI Hair Transplantation accelerates the healing process due to its minimally invasive nature. Moreover, it is associated with less pain and swelling compared to traditional methods.
Observing the Results After the procedure is completed, the patient’s hair transplant results are regularly monitored. With the natural growth of the hair, the patient achieves the desired aesthetic outcome.

This table summarizes the general steps of the DHI hair transplant procedure. Our expert team carries out the details of each step to obtain successful and natural products.

Suitable Candidates for DHI Hair Transplantation: Those Who Want to Rediscover Their Hair 

Hair loss is a common condition that can affect individuals both physically and emotionally. DHI Hair Transplantation is the perfect solution for many people who want to deal with hair loss by offering an aesthetic and innovative approach. Here are the factors that define suitable candidates for DHI Hair Transplantation:

  • Those with Mild to Moderate Hair Loss:

DHI Hair Transplantation is particularly effective for individuals experiencing mild to moderate hair loss. Those who want to correct their hairline or revitalize sparse areas can achieve natural and healthy hair with DHI.

  • Those who want to regain their self-confidence:

Hair loss can negatively affect the self-confidence of many people. DHI Hair Transplantation is a reliable option for those who want to restore the natural appearance of their hair and therefore increase self-confidence.

  • Those Seeking Aesthetic and Natural Results:

DHI Hair Transplant provides a natural appearance by transplanting hair follicles directly. For individuals with aesthetic concerns, DHI is the ideal solution to meet these expectations.

  • Those Looking for a Minimally Invasive Method:

DHI Hair Transplant is a minimally invasive procedure. Being less invasive than traditional methods, it allows patients to recover faster and have a comfortable experience.

  • Those who want a fast recovery process:

DHI Hair Transplantation offers a fast recovery process. This feature provides a significant advantage for those who want to keep up with the pace of business or daily life.

DHI Hair Transplantation is a solution that appeals to everyone who loves a young and dynamic appearance, wants to increase their self-confidence and wants to overcome the concerns of losing their hair. As Turkey Hair Center, we are here to offer you the most suitable solution for DHI Hair Transplantation with our expert team. Remember, everyone’s hair texture is different, so an individual assessment is important to achieve the best results.

What is the Recovery Process After DHI Hair Transplant ? 

The recovery process after DHI hair transplantation may vary depending on the person’s personal factors and the details of the surgical procedure to be performed. But it usually includes the following stages:

Recovery Process Stages Description
First 24 Hours: The initial period is crucial. Mild swelling and discomfort may occur. Rest is essential, and prescribed medications should be taken as directed.
2-3 Days: Redness and scabbing on the scalp may start. The first hair wash is performed, and patients receive instructions on post-operative care.
1 Week: Scabbing continues, and slight swelling in the scalp may be present. Patients adhere to a careful washing routine and use recommended lotions.
2 Weeks: Scabbing diminishes, and there’s noticeable reduction in redness. Patients can gradually resume daily activities but should avoid strenuous exercise.
1 Month: Hair follicles settle into new positions, and temporary shedding of transplanted hair may occur. The recovery process continues.
3 Months: Natural hair growth begins, and transplanted hair gradually thickens. Patients may experience increased self-confidence during this phase.
6 Months – 1 Year: Full recovery is achieved, and transplanted hair reaches the desired aesthetic outcome. Patients adapt to their new hair and maintain regular care.

Harmony of Confidence: Exploring the Side Effects of DHI Hair Transplantation 

Embarking on the path to reclaiming a lush head of hair through DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is a journey of self-renewal. At Turkey Hair Center, we are not only champion quality but also your peace of mind. Let’s unravel the narrative around side effects, highlighting the exceptional standards of our services.

A Symphony of Quality at Turkey Hair Center

Step into the world of Turkey Hair Center, where excellence is not just a goal; it’s a commitment. Our team of experts crafts a symphony of precision, ensuring that your DHI Hair Transplantation experience is marked by quality and trust.

  • Debunking Side Effect Myths: 

DHI Hair Transplantation is renowned for its advanced techniques, resulting in minimal disruption and virtually no side effects. Allow us to address any misconceptions:

  1. Myth: Swelling and Redness are Inevitable: At Turkey Hair Center, meticulous care during the procedure minimizes the risk of noticeable swelling and redness. Any transient effects are part of the body’s natural healing response and are exceptionally mild.
  2. Myth: Itching and Discomfort are Common: Our post-operative care guidelines are crafted to ensure your comfort. Itching and discomfort are infrequent, and when present, they are typically tender and short-lived.
  3. Myth: DHI Poses Significant Risks: On the contrary, DHI Hair Transplantation is considered one of the safest procedures in hair restoration. Our skilled professionals prioritize your safety, and the meticulous technique minimizes any potential risks.

Choosing Turkey Hair Center is choosing a haven of trust and reliability. Here, we proudly assert that DHI Hair Transplantation is not just a procedure; it’s a transformative experience that comes with minimal, if any, side effects. 

DHI Hair Transplantation: A Symphony of Benefits for Hair Restoration 

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is not merely a hair restoration procedure; it’s a transformative symphony that brings numerous benefits to those seeking a fuller, more vibrant head of hair. Let’s explore the harmonious advantages of opting for DHI Hair Transplantation:

Natural-Looking Results: DHI stands out for its ability to create incredibly natural-looking results. The technique involves directly implanting hair follicles, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and seamless integration with your existing hair.

Minimally Invasive Procedure: One of the standout features of DHI is its minimally invasive nature. Unlike traditional methods, DHI does not require the creation of recipient site incisions, leading to less trauma, faster healing, and reduced scarring.

Precision and Control: DHI allows for unparalleled precision in placing each hair follicle. The Choi Implanter Pen, a specialized tool, enables the surgeon to control the depth, angle, and direction of implantation, ensuring optimal aesthetic outcomes.

Quicker Recovery Time: Thanks to its minimally invasive approach, DHI typically offers a faster recovery time compared to traditional hair transplantation methods. Patients can resume their daily activities more quickly, experiencing minimal discomfort.

Versatility in Hair Design: DHI’s precision allows for meticulous hair design. Our experts can artistically craft the hairline, ensuring it complements the patient’s facial features and preferences, providing a personalized touch to the restoration process.

Long-Term and Natural Hair Growth: The transplanted hair follicles in DHI continue to grow naturally, ensuring a long-lasting and permanent result. Over time, the transplanted hair integrates seamlessly with the existing hair, creating a harmonious blend.

Choosing DHI Hair Transplantation at Turkey Hair Center is not just a restoration; It’s an artistic endeavor tailored to your unique needs. Experience the symphony of benefits, and let your confidence resonate in every strand.

What is the cost of DHI hair transplant? 

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Hair Transplantation is an effective way to prevent hair loss and regain confidence. DHI Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey is a more economical and accessible option compared to Europe and America. As Turkey Hair Center, we are proud to offer both affordable and quality service.

Country Average Price Range (USD)
Turkey $1,800 – $4,000
United States $8,000 – $16,000
United Kingdom £6,000 – £12,000
Europe (Average) €5,500 – €8,000

Factors Affecting DHI Hair Transplantation Cost

Number of Grafts: One of the most important factors in the cost of DHI Hair Transplantation is the number of grafts needed. As Turkey Hair Center, we work on maximum grafts at affordable prices.

Clinic Reputation and Quality: The reputation and quality of the clinic is another important factor that affects the cost. Turkey Hair Center is a clinic known for its experienced team and quality service.

Technological Infrastructure and Applied Methods: The technology used and the applied methods are also factors that determine the cost. Being able to offer the latest technology and methods at affordable prices in Turkey is one of Turkey Hair Center’s priorities.

DHI Hair Transplantation at Turkey Hair Center

Economical and Quality Service: As Turkey Hair Center, we are proud to offer quality DHI Hair Transplantation service at affordable prices. This is a result of us being able to offer our customers options that fit their budget.

Maximum Graft Work: We would like to tell our patients that we perform maximum graft work at affordable prices. This allows our patients to achieve more intense and natural results.

Our Expert Team: Our experienced and expert team works to provide quality service to our customers at every stage. He guides you throughout your hair transplantation process and strives to meet your expectations.

If you do not want to compromise on quality while considering your budget in your hair transplantation journey, Turkey Hair Center may be the ideal choice for you. Contact us to get more information and request an appointment, and get your hair back with confidence and satisfaction.

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    FAQ About DHI Hair Transplant

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    You can find the answers to all your questions about the Hair Transplantation process on our website. We sincerely answered all questions for you. For questions that you can't find here, you can send us an e-mail.
    What is difference between DHI treatment and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)?

    The main difference between DHI and FUE is the way in which the hair grafts are implanted into the skin. FUE uses small manually cut incisions whereas DHI uses a special pen-like tool to insert the grafts.

    Is the DHI method scarless?

    Yes, the DHI method is performed without scars. Doctors use some kind of special pens called CHOI PEN, so the scars gets minimum level.

    What is the recovery period?

    The recovery period usually begins within a few days, and symptoms such as redness or crusting resolve within 9 days.

    How long does the DHI procedure take?

    The duration of the procedure usually depends on the number of grafts to be transplanted, but can vary from 6 hours to 8 hours. So, only one day is enough for the transplant treatment. Also, the best thing is no need to stay at hospital!

    How long does it take to see results with the DHI procedure?

    The results of the DHI procedure are usually seen within the first few months and the full results may become apparent between 6-12 months.

    Is DHI Hair Transplant permanent?

    Yes, DHI Hair Transplantation offers permanent results because when healthy roots are planted, they can be long-lasting. Also, the transplanted hairs taken from the donor area, so they are most permanent hair follicules.

    Are there risks and side effects?

    As with any medical procedure, DHI Hair Transplantation may carry potential minimal risks and rare side effects, but the risks are usually low when performed by a professional team.

    What is the cost of DHI Hair Transplantation?

    The cost of DHI Hair Transplantation may vary depending on the number of hair follicles to be transplanted, clinic location and expertise, it is best to contact a clinic for the most accurate price quote.

    Who is a suitable candidate for DHI?

    Suitable candidates for DHI are people who have sufficient hair follicles and a suitable donor area for transplantation.

    Will people be able to understand that I had a hair transplant?

    When DHI Hair Transplantation is usually natural and carefully planned, people may not realize that you have had a hair transplant. Because it is unshaven treatment and don’t need to shave all hairs. So, people even in the first week don’t realize you get surgery or not.

    How long should I wait to continue my normal hair care routine after DHI transplantation?

    You should be careful not to touch the planting area during the first 10 days after DHI planting. After the crusts fall and the redness subsides, you can return to your normal hair care routine after about 10-14 days. However, it is important to follow the recommendations of your transplanting doctor because recovery time may vary individually.

    Can I achieve a natural looking hairline with the DHI technique?

    Yes, the DHI technique is very effective for achieving a natural looking hairline. In this method, the hairline and the natural direction, angle and density of the hair can be carefully planned, as individual hair follicles are transplanted with precision. The results obtained in this way generally offer a very natural and aesthetic appearance.

    Turkey Hair Transplant Before and After

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    We have prepared before and after photos for you, taking into account every hair type. Here, you can easily find your own hair type. We hope these photos can encourage you. There is more on our website & Instagram. Let's take a look!