Shaving your hair will no longer be your nightmare regarding hair transplant. Unshaven hair restoration, which is the pioneer of these developments, offers an innovative approach that takes into account not only aesthetic concerns but also the comfort and healing process of the patients.

With unshaven hair restoration, patients can undergo the transplant procedure without the need to shave their existing hair, allowing for a discreet and seamless transformation. This advanced technique minimizes downtime and enables individuals to maintain their usual appearance during and after the transplantation process, enhancing both convenience and satisfaction. 

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Innovative Confidence: No Shave FUE Magic 

Unlike traditional hair transplantation methods, no shave hair transplant is a surgical procedure performed without shaving the hair. 

In this method, hair transplant is performed without cutting the hair around the area to be transplanted. Unshaven hair transplant is generally preferred when patients need to grow their hair or return to their normal lives in a short time.

  • This method minimizes aesthetic concerns, it also enables hair transplant without interrupting the person’s social life and daily activities. 
  • Unshaven hair transplant can be an advantageous option, especially for people who want to immediately return to normal in their business or social life.

How is a no shave hair transplant performed? 

Unshaved hair transplant requires a different approach than traditional hair transplant methods. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to perform a hair transplant without shaving: 

Step Procedure
    1 Determination and Planning of the Transplantation Area
   2 Administration of Local Anesthesia
   3 Extraction of Hair Follicles (Using the FUE Technique)
   4 Preservation and Preparation of Extracted Hair Follicles
   5 Preparation of the Transplantation Area
   6 Creation of Channels (Preparation of the Transplantation Area)
   7 Implantation of Hair Follicles
   8 Cleansing of the Transplantation Area and Bandaging
   9 Final Checks and Initiation of the Healing Process

Hair Transplant without Shaving allows patients to grow their hair or return to their normal lives quickly. This method prioritizes patients’ convenience and comfort by offering a minimally invasive approach. 

Where are the hair follicles taken from unshaven hair transplant? 

In unshaven hair transplant, hair follicles are generally taken from the back and side scalp, called the donor area. Only the nape of the hair is shaved and this is done in a natural look. It looks like you just left the hairdresser. 

During this procedure, each hair follicle is carefully selected and removed with minimal damage to surrounding tissues. In this way, the most natural and aesthetic results are achieved. 

Will the hair in the donor area grow back in unshaven hair transplantation? 

Yes, in unshaved hair transplant, the hair in the donor area grows back. During the hair transplantation process, hair follicles are taken from the back and side scalp, called the donor area, while the hair removed from this area is usually cut for a short, non-permanent period.

How long does a no shave hair transplant take? 

Unshaven hair transplant time varies depending on several factors. These factors include : 

  • the number of hair follicles to be transplanted
  • the hair transplantation method
  • the experience of the surgeon 
  • the characteristics of the patient

But in general, the unshaven hair transplant process usually takes between 4 and 8 hours on average.  Smaller hair transplants can be completed in a shorter period of time. Since unshaven hair transplant is performed by prioritizing the comfort and aesthetic concerns of the patients, the procedure time may be shorter. 

Is it necessary to come to Turkey multiple times during the transplant process? 

No, it is sufficient to come to Turkey only once for the unshaven hair transplant  procedure. It is usually planned as a one-day procedure and can be completed in one go. Turkey Hair Center is generally geared to meet the needs of international patients. Thus, it is sufficient to travel to Turkey only once for a shave-free hair transplant. 

How is the healing process after no shave hair transplant? 

The healing process after unshaven hair transplant is fast and effective due to the technique applied.  In general, it goes through the following stages: 

Recovery Process Stages
First Few Days – Mild swelling and redness<br>- Minor discomfort<br>- Initial signs of healing
Crusting and Shedding – Crusting in the recipient area<br>- Shedding of transplanted hair
Healing and Hair Growth – Solidification of hair follicles<br>- Emergence of new hair<br>- Continuation of healing process
Long-term Results – Clarity of outcomes (around 6 to 12 months) <br>- Attainment of desired density and naturalness

This table summarizes the expected symptoms and processes after a non-shaven hair transplant. 

Using Regular Shampoo After Unshaven Hair Transplant 

No, regular shampoo cannot be used after unshaved hair transplant. During the first month, it is recommended to use the special care kit provided by Turkey Hair Center. This maintenance kit contains : 

  • special shampoo
  • lotion
  • cream

Special care kits used after unshaven hair transplant clean the scalp and also help the hair follicles heal in a healthy way. Regular shampoos often contain chemical ingredients and can dry or irritate the scalp, so they are not recommended for use after unshaven hair implant. 

How long after an unshaved hair transplant can I cut my hair? 

After unshaven hair transplant, it is generally recommended to wait a few weeks to cut your hair. It is important to allow the hair follicles to heal and settle after a hair transplant, so it is ideal not to cut your hair for the first few weeks after the hair transplant.

When will the results of unshaven hair transplant be seen? 

Even on the first day, the transplanted hairs start to grow. The best result of unshaven hair transplant begins within a few months after the procedure and improves over time. Here’s a typical timeline:   

Timeframe Results
2-3 Months After Initial hair growth begins, but usually fine and indistinct.
4-6 Months After Hair growth becomes more pronounced, but full density and naturalness may not be achieved yet.
6-9 Months After Hair density increases and begins to look more natural. Full results may still be pending.
12 Months and Beyond Results typically become most pronounced. Hair has usually grown to a natural length and density, but individual healing times may vary.

This table summarizes the typical timeframe for seeing results after a unshaven hair transplant.  

Do smoking and alcohol consumption affect the results of unshaven hair transplantation? 

Yes, smoking and alcohol consumption affect the results of unshaven hair transplantation. Smoking and alcohol consumption may have negative effects on hair transplantation results as follows:

  1. Reduced Circulation
  2. Slowdown of the Healing Process
  3. Increased Risk of Infection
  4. Decrease in Hair Quality

As a result, smoking and alcohol consumption negatively affect hair transplant results and prolong the healing process. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption before and after hair transplant.

Is no shave hair transplant permanent? 

Yes, unshaven hair transplant is the most permanent hair restoration solution. Unshaved hair transplant is performed through a method called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This technique involves taking hair follicles one by one and transplanting them to the area to be transplanted.

Hair follicles are taken from the donor area. The donor area is usually the back and side scalp, and these areas are generally not affected by hair loss. 

Is FUE Without Shaving Better ? 

FUE without shaving is performed similarly to the traditional FUE hair transplant procedure, but the hair in the transplanted area is not cut or shaved. In this way, it allows patients to quickly return to their work and social lives after hair transplantation, leaving a less noticeable scar. 

How much does a no shave hair transplant cost? 

In general, unshaven hair transplant is slightly more costly than traditional hair transplantation methods. This is because the hair in the transplanted area is not cut during the transplantation process, requiring more time and attention. 

Here is the table comparing the prices of hair transplants in different countries:

Country Prices for Non-Shaven Hair Transplant (in USD or Euro)
United States $3000 – $15000
United Kingdom £4000 – £10000
Europe €4.500 – €10000
Turkey $2000 – $5000

It’s essential to consult with Turkey Hair Center Coordinators  to get accurate quotes tailored to your specific needs thanks to free consultation. 

Does the cost of unshaven hair transplantation include the entire package? 

Yes, unshaven hair transplantation is offered the best package in Turkey Hair Center.  This package includes all services required for the hair transplant procedure and usually includes:

  • Hair Transplantation Procedure: Includes the cost of unshaven hair transplantation and the techniques used during this procedure.
  • Hotel Accommodation: Includes hotel expenses for your accommodation before and after the hair transplantation procedure.
  • VIP Transfer Service: Includes VIP transfer service between the airport, hotel and clinic. This allows you to travel comfortably and safely.
  • Everything Required: This covers all the materials and equipment required for the hair transplant procedure. It also includes medications and care products to be used before and after the procedure.

Unshaven hair transplant packages are designed to increase patients’ comfort and satisfaction. 


As a result, shave-free hair transplant offers a permanent and satisfactory solution to people struggling with hair loss. Turkey Hair Center provides patients with natural and permanent hair growth, helps them regain their self-confidence and live a happier life.

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    FAQ About No Shave Hair Transplant

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    You can find the answers to all your questions about the Hair Transplantation process on our website. We sincerely answered all questions for you. For questions that you can't find here, you can send us an e-mail.
    Is unshaven hair transplantation possible for women?

    Yes, unshaven hair transplantation is especially possible for women. It allows for the procedure without shaving the entire recipient area.

    Where are the hair follicles taken from in unshaven hair transplantation?

    Hair follicles in unshaven transplantation are typically harvested from the back of the scalp, known as the donor area, similar to other transplant methods.

    Is the hair transplanted in unshaven hair transplantation valid for life?

    Transplanted hair from the donor area is typically resistant to balding and is considered permanent. The longevity can be affected by individual factors like health, genetics, and age.

    How many days after unshaven hair transplantation can I shave my hair?

    You should ideally wait for about 10 to 14 days post-procedure before shaving. At Turkey Hair Center, the doctor will advise you about untill when you should wait.

    Is unshaven hair transplantation suitable for natural appearance?

    Yes, unshaven hair transplantation is designed to offer a natural appearance, blending seamlessly with existing hair.

    Can I do no shave hair transplant if my hair is long?

    Yes, unshaven hair transplantation is particularly beneficial for those with long hair, as it allows for the procedure without drastically altering your hairstyle.

    How soon can I return to work or normal activities after the procedure?

    Most patient can return to work and normal activities within a few days after the procedure, but it’s essential to follow post-operative care instructions.

    Will the transplanted hair grow normally?

    Yes, once the transplanted hair takes root and starts growing, it will grow like your natural hair.

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    Is the recovery time longer or shorter with this method?

    The recovery time for unshaven hair transplantation is similar to other methods, but patients might find it more convenient due to the absence of noticeable shaving.

    Is the procedure more costly than the FUE method?

    Unshaven hair transplantation might have a higher cost than traditional FUE due to its meticulous natüre. In order to get know the exact price, fill out the form on our website. Turkey Hair Center coordiantors will inform you.

    How should I take care of my hair roots after the procedure?

    After the procedure, avoid rigorous activities and direct sun exposure, and follow your surgeon’s specific post-operative care instructions, which often include gentle washing and avoiding certain hair products.

    Is maximum grafting done in unshaven hair transplantation?

    The number of grafts in unshaven hair transplantation depends on the patient’s needs and the donor area’s capacity, but it aims to achieve the desired density and coverage.

    Turkey Hair Transplant Before and After

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    We have prepared before and after photos for you, taking into account every hair type. Here, you can easily find your own hair type. We hope these photos can encourage you. There is more on our website & Instagram. Let's take a look!